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Increase Sperm Count Supplement

The process of reproduction takes place due to discharge of sperms in the form of semen by the male sex organ called as penis into the vagina of females. From there the sperms travel to the uterus of females so as to fertilize the eggs. This in turn gives rise to fetus. As women suffer from problems in reproduction in advancing age, similarly men also suffer from the problem of low sperm count. It is due to the reason that there is negative effect on the production of male sex hormones which in turn leads to low sperm count in the semen of males.

Consequently, men in their advancing age are not able to take active part in the process of reproduction. Even this problem may be found in males of young age. It is attributed to wrong eating habits, lifestyle and wrong habits. Such men need to take supplements in order to improve their sperm count so as to be able to help their female partners to conceive a baby. Some of the chief supplements required for increasing sperm count are given below.

Calcium- It is an essential mineral that is required to maintain the normal level of sperms in semen of males. That is why it is always advisable to consume such foods or other products that are rich in calcium content.

Zinc- It is one of the most important supplements to increase male sperm count. The concentration of this mineral is perhaps the highest in the male sex organs and the sperms. That is why it is important for normal working, health, form and capacity of male sperms. It is also rich in fertilizing capacity and hence required essentially in the human body. Deficiency of this important mineral results in low levels of male sperms as well as the testosterone hormone.

Vitamin C- Rich in anti-oxidant properties, Vitamin C helps in improving the motility of male sperms as well as prevents any defects in the sperm functioning.

Folic acid- It also plays an important role in improving sperm count in men. It even helps in making up for low level of sperm count in males that has been caused due to any reasons.

Vitamin D-The quality of male semen, healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell and the normal sperm count all are attributed to normal level of Vitamin D in the body.

Apart from this, there are other important minerals and vitamins that are required in desired proportions in the human body so that good health of the male sex organs and the male sperms may be maintained. The chief minerals and vitamins in this regard are Vitamin E, OMEGA 3 Oils, Selenium, Coenzyme Q 10 for Men, L-arginine, L-carnitine etc. All these minerals and vitamins combined lead to healthy sperm count in males.

Those who suffer from any defects or other abnormalities in sperm count may take these in the form of herbal supplements available in the form of capsules or tablets from various renowned companies. When it comes to treatment and prevention of some important part or organ or anything else related to it such as male reproductive organs then it is always advisable to use some safe and herbal formula.

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